New York State Real Estate Salesperson Instructor Led Course.

$425 usd
+ available add-ons
Mon Apr 5, 6:00 PM - Mon May 17, 9:00 PM (EDT)

75 hr Salesperson Instructor Led Course:

Each week you will receive 15 - 20 hours of coursework assignments to complete online. Every Monday at 6 pm there is an optional 3-hour live-streamed webinar to review the previous week’s course material. Students will be able to ask questions, interact with the instructor and other students during the live stream. This is a 6-week program. Complete the entire 75 hour Salesperson Online Course in 6 weeks with a structured assignment schedule with scheduled live instructor support.

Included in every Manfred Salesperson Licensing course:

*Salesperson 75 Hour Licensing Course
*Expert Instructors
*Customized schedules
*School Exam (Some offsite locations may charge a proctor fee, Manfred locations are at no charge)
*Manfred guarantee
*Manfred Virtual Classroom
*Over 65 hours of video lectures
*Review sessions- Live or online
*How to set yourself up for success
*How to set up your digital marketing
*Activities you can do before you get your license, so you can hit the ground running
*How to build a network
*How to use your sphere of influence
*How to launch your new career
*How to become and be viewed as an expert in the industry.
*Questions to ask a sponsoring broker
And More…

“Because we know if you do the minimum, you can expect the minimum. We want more for our students. Our graduates are highly sought out, for a reason” - John Manfred

5 Steps to getting your license:

1) Complete the 75 hour Salesperson course (both modules)
2) Pass a school exam
3) Complete the Webinar Salesperson Small Group Review Course (Optional if you feel the need?)
4) Pass a state exam
5) Find a Sponsoring Broker
6) Apply for your license.


Some schools have internal policies that if you do not pass their exam you have to repurchase and retake the entire course. We never benefit from our students failing. You can retake our Exam as many times as you needed to pass, most people only take it once! We never benefit from our students failing.

The school exam is $0 - $50 (pending on the location you select) You can take the exam online or at a location.

The State exam is $15. The state exam is given at proctored locations. They are currently offering exams at limited capacity and face coverings are required.

Note: New York State requires that the course and exam must be completed within one year.

For more information call us at 518-489-1682

Dan Simpson

Manfred Certified Instructor/ Commercial Real Estate Broker, CCIM

Edward Sossner, ESQ.

Manfred Certified Instructor/ Real Estate Attorney

Kareem Jandali

Manfred Certified Instructor/Real Estate Broker - CBR, ABR, CIPS, GREEN SPECIALIST, SRES, RSPS, DMS

Laura Farrell

Manfred Certified Instructor/ Real Estate Broker, (CDEI) - Real Estate Instructor

Len Fiore

Manfred Certified Instructor/ General Certified Appraiser/ Real Estate Broker/ CDEI - Distance Learning Instructor