Webinar! Manage Your Market

$99 usd
Thu Mar 25, 9:00 AM - 2:00 PM (EDT)

If you’ve just obtained your Real Estate license or are struggling through your first, maybe second year of your real estate business without a clear direction of how to bring in the sales, then perhaps you’ll benefit from
“Manage your Market”.

Laura Farrell has been selling real estate since 1987, teaching since 2002 and has a concise, focused way of doing business that brings in millions of sales each year.

There’s no hard selling, no cold calling, no circle of influence and no pressure in this method of finding new buyers and sellers. It’s a simple, proven, an easy jump start process to get you plenty of sellers, buyers and commissions.

Laura Farrell offers a 5 hour webinar to explain this successful system and even though it’s not a continuing education course approved by the State, it’s a must have real estate success webinar, if you want to learn how to focus your success quickly and easily. AND!!!! in addition to the 5 hours, she’s available to you via email for follow up and consultation at no additional charge. This is a “WIN-WIN” class!!!

Laura Farrell

Manfred Certified Instructor/ Real Estate Broker, (CDEI) - Real Estate Instructor